I studied marketing at VCU before later going back to get my MBA in data analytics. I started my career in Print Design before teaching myself to code by scripting monotonous tasks in Adobe Photoshop & InDesign. I learned I was a Full Stack Engineer when other engineers start coming to me with programming questions, so I joined a news startup here in DC called Cont3nt.com where I later became CTO. It was while working there that I met David & Greg and decided to join Dorsata in 2014.

Here at Dorsata, I was a founding member of the engineering team and I now oversee User Experience and sit at the intersection of the Product, Customer Success & Engineering teams, listening to feedback and ensuring that our solutions are as good of a fit in reality as we thought they would be while designing them.

I think it’s interesting to look at the changes in how we describe ourselves over time. To showcase this, here is my intro of myself from 2014:

2014 What I'm Up To

I’m a Lean Startup Machine Winner and a VCU MBA with a focus on Data Analytics. A Prerelease Tester for Adobe and Two-time Photoshop World Guru Award Finalist. I currently head up product development at Dorsata, where we create tools for doctors to document the optimal method to treat any illness, and share that knowledge with other people involved in care.

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