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Obsidian Keybinds

Written February 7, 2022

    Obsidian Keyboard Shortcuts

    # These are my custom keybinds for Obsidian

    • Open Today’s Daily Note: CMD+Shift+D
      • Previous Day: CMD+Shift+J
      • Next Day: CMD+Shift+K
    • Open Weekly Note: CMD+Shift+W
      • Previous Week: CMD+Shift+H
      • Next Week: CMD+Shift+L
    • Delete Note: CMD+Shift+Backspace
    • Refactor Selection with First Line as Title: CMD+Shift+C
    • Apply Template: CMD+T
    • Close Panes
      • Close Left Pane: CMD+
      • Close Right Pane: CMD+Shift+\

    Interactive Graph