2022-05-09 There has been a weird phenomenon since I got the Loftie. Each night I have gone to bed before 11 and each morning I have gotten up with or before the Loftie has gone off. I think this has more to do with me getting good sleep than the Loftie itself, but it has been an odd experience. We also had Mother’s Day over the weekend which makes for a different dynamic than usual. I should get more representative data this week.

2022-05-07 This was my first real day with the Loftie. I got up on time, but this might not be purely due to the alarm clock. I had two drinks last night during the movie and fell asleep fairly early. More testing necessary. 😃

2022-05-06 This was my first morning with the alarm clock, but I had a unique schedule this morning with having to drop the truck off for an inspection